If you want to get better at the snatch you have to practice it – plain and simple. While we can definitely give you some nifty tips that will help you better understand the movement, there is nothing that will replace performing technically sound reps over and over again.


Sometimes we can easily add a little bit of weight to our snatch just by becoming more confident with the movement. Snatch pulls are a great exercise to work with weights heavier than your 1RM as well as to see where you need work during your pull.


If we’re chasing the bar out in front of us it could be because we’re not sweeping the bar back into us. Once the first pull is over and we’ve passed the knee we need to actively engage our lats to sweep the bar back into our thighs and keep the weight close.


Having a slow turnover of the barbell could be happening for a few different reasons. For most people, it’s because they either have weak backs and shoulders or they’re not aggressive enough with their elbows. Snatch high-pulls are a great exercise to make sure that we’re being aggressive with our elbows and driving them high and to the outside once the bar has left our hips. From there we can begin to workout on the muscle snatch to make sure we’re getting a hard turnover of the bar.

If you want to speed up your progress. Schedule a  30 to 60 min PT session with one of our coaches.


Coach Clint

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