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Every Day Is An Easy Day

“The last easy day was yesterday.”, “It’s mind over matter.”, “No pain, no gain!” I’m sure we’ve all heard these catch phrases before, and for how long (if at all!) did they work? All of these sayings are uttered or sometimes yelled to motivate you

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “pick things up and put them down,” but what if we said….” walk with them first?” We are talking weighted carries. Why should we perform weighted carries? To put it simply, they help you build and maintain that bulletproof body. They

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Everyone knows that weightlifting makes you look good, but what’s more important is how it makes you feel. Weightlifting is crucial to the health and wellness of the human body, especially when used in combination with proper nutrition. How exactly does lifting weights make such

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20 PROTEIN SOURCES FOR MUSCLE GROWTH Do you want to see the results of your hard work inside of the gym? Match your diet to your exercise efforts. Eat clean. Eat enough, but not too much. Eat the right amount of the right foods.   Do

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Too Busy – I Want To Be Your Coach

How’s the schedule holding up? Listen, I get it. Kids, job, bank accounts, social life (or more like our kid’s social life), to do lists…. Makes it feel like fitness just doesn’t have a place, right? Plus, 900 different opinions on what’s the best approach

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Ron Schweitzer – L.I.F.E. Class

Ron just finished our Masters 28 Day Transformation Challenge. He lost 1.5% body fat Gained 2lbs of lean muscle “I’m moving so much better. I haven’t had anything do this much for me in a long time.”

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Micki Garza – L.I.F.E. Class

Wow oh Wow! What a story! Hey, guys this a Micki Garza. Micki used to be sedentary, had different health issues, only ate once a day and slept only 3 hours. She got to a point where she knew that needed to change so she

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Get Your Family Fit at Sweat Factory

Sweat Factory East – Factory Kids (6 – 10) with Factory Fit Bootcamp at the same time, Tues/Thurs 5:00 pm Sweat Factory Crossfit – Factory Teens (10 -15) with a Crossfit class at the same time, Mon/Wed 6:00 pm CrossFit training is immensely popular for

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