Can You Relate – Lori / SFR

We post stories of our members because we hope you will relate. Our biggest obstacles are usually ourselves. Seeing how our athletes “overcome themselves” to become happy, fit, healthy people will hopefully resonate with you so you can do the same.

Getting to know our Sweat Factory Family – This is Lori from at SFR #familyyouchoose #chasinghappiness

“I started because I knew I needed change. Friends of mine were already CrossFit athletes at other boxes and I saw how strong they were. I had this moment of bravery and went for it. I figured it can’t hurt to try, I want to feel good about myself.

Absolutely, I’ve done the big gyms and it’s so lonely there. You can feel people staring at you when you want to try something new and you just feel like another number. At SFR it feels like you’re family and friends. We get to know each other, and yeah someone is watching you try new things, but it’s because they are waiting to cheer for you!
My progress has NOT been linear, I have gained and lost. I have struggled to the point of quitting, I have taken on my biggest hurdle. Which happens to be my own self doubt. BUT I have made peace with not being the fastest or strongest. I am finally accepting myself as I am and enjoying the things I can do now. The biggest progress has been right between the ears. (Oh and some pretty sweet muscles that are growing)

Wow, I’m an open book… I don’t know if there’s much people don’t know about me. I think something most don’t know about me is that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have to work hard to keep my feelings to myself. (It doesn’t work well lol) oh and I’m a serial crafter, I have SO many unfinished projects.”
Your first step in “overcoming yourself” is to click this link. Setting up this 5 min conversation could change your life. SWEAT FACTORY CROSSFIT

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