Chris started a 6 Week Challenge last November. His results have been incredible. He has lost 44 lbs without losing any lean muscle and an incredible 21% Bodyfat.
He is now at 8.5% BF and is now on a maintenance program of 80/20. You ROCK Christopher Sawallich!

“I came to Sweat Factory after hearing about the 6 week challenge as a way to get my health back on track. I was in the worst shape of my life, and by far the biggest, growing into a size of clothes that I did not like at all. I could feel a difference in little things , like being winded when walking up a flight of stairs that I did not like at all, nevermind being so tired at the end of the day that I was looking to head to the bedroom by 7pm every night. My wife and I moved to Florida a few years ago to enjoy it, but although I was enjoying the food, I was too tired to enjoy much else other than the couch.

At this point I saw a a facebook post about the 6 week challenge and as a someone who had completed crossfit quite some time ago I was intrigued. I went and spoke with Clint and saw how much he cared about his members and the different mindset of the crossfit of old that used to be all about the score of the Rx workout without care of injury or form. With the Sweat Factory approach of the Fit Class, Level Method and truly scaled WOD’s, I knew Sweat Factory was a good fit for myself I signed up immediately for the six week challenge.

As I progressed through the challenge, I found that the diet was a key component. Through the initial education and documentation it gave good knowledge to get started. By no means was it easy, from someone who has a very mobile job, a diet has always been a challenge. Meal prepping for the week was key. Without that I wouldn’t of had anywhere near the success I had. The first few weeks was a challenge, but it soon became routine and I found better ways to do things while keeping a vey balanced diet with calories under control. I was now eating less calories in a day than I was previously eating just in lunch alone. The first two weeks of Fit class were pretty rough, but continued to push through and held myself to not missing any of the three workouts weekly. Some nights it was tough to get home form work and head back out to the gym, but just would not let it hold me back from going. The toughest part was getting to the box, but once I was there, the fatigue became a non issue. The hardest part is getting there.. I didn’t even let Thanksgiving and Christmas get in the way. I made all three workouts for all six weeks and stayed true to my meal prep all seven days of the week, even with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

After completing the Six week challenge with great results, I felt conditioned enough to move over to the Crossfit side while continuing my health dietary habits. I continued the three day habit of working out, until challenged by another member to remain nameless …..Cheryl…😛 to up my schedule. I’ve since been hitting the box 4 to 5 days a week and couldn’t feel any better. I’m up until late at night now, have much more energy during the entire day, and am enjoying hearing at least three times a day from others about how much weight I’ve lost. I was not easy by any mean, but the challenge was well worth it. Myself and now my wife have developed some real quality eating habits, I fell and look better, and I’ve met some really awesome people from the family that Clint and Maci have built.