Factory Fit

Now you can be a part of the hottest trend in dress-size reducing fitness results and begin transforming your body fast with Sweat Factory FIT Classes!


Factory Fit is a 60-minute high intensity group class without the difficult Olympic barbell Lifts. It is led by an experienced group of coaches designed to target clients of all fitness levels. Factory Fit will have you feeling refreshed and energized while you get stronger and burn calories with fun, fast-paced workouts customized to your level and goals. Factory Fit is guaranteed to make you sweat, lose fat and get you closer to the body you want. It is time to energize yourself!

Replacing Old, Tired, Hard, Long and Boring exercise

New, Energetic, Simple, Quick and FUN boot camp type workouts that get amazing results, regardless of your age or fitness history.

Build a Leaner, Happier, Healthier you TODAY!


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