I Was Scared When I Started Doing Crossfit – Quentin Demmon

I was scared when I started doing CrossFit, that’s understandable, I was 40 years old and had just watched a bunch of YouTube videos showing people throwing bars around, climbing ropes and flipping tires. I moved into a new area and knew that fitness was an area of my life that needed attention. My Dad just had heart surgery and I knew that If I didn’t establish new habits, a new routine, that I had no chance of slowing a march towards chronic disease. Drastic action was needed and the timing was right so I joined. Besides the friendships I’ve gained, my blood pressure and overall health took a turn in the right direction.

We moved to the Clermont area and were trying to get settled, initially working out at home since the start of COVID. Apart from having little equipment, we had issues maintaining any kind of consistency, and fitness levels started to drop dramatically. We tried a couple of new gyms here and SF was 🔥 FIRE! Now we’re back to a routine and making up the lost ground from the pandemic!”

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