Three years ago, What people saw of me was the girl with her life pretty much together, upbeat & positivity. What people didn’t know was the reality I was living. I was in a relationship with an abuser, mentally, emotionally, manipulating & almost physical, he was a decent guy who at the beginning was great, but drugs came into the picture for him & everything turned south. I felt trapped in my own personal hell, if he wasn’t around, he’d have his friends keeping an eye on my every move, I had lost a lot of people besides a select few due to the hell I was living in. I had also lost my job, my car, my apartment, everything. I was sleeping at a couple of my friends houses, the ones that didn’t desert me or sometimes even on the streets, & I also stopped eating, I was a lost unhappy soul who thought that no one cared but my abuser, seemed as if everyone else was like, “Kristen who” Three years ago, my dad picked me up & rescued me from where I was, I moved back home. Still not at comfort with being 25 & living at home, no job, no car, no nothing, I hit another stage of depression where I found comfort in being isolated & shutting the world out. I went from starving myself, sickly thin to becoming the heaviest I’ve ever been with zero self esteem. Then, my wonderful hair dresser & old coworker Allie told me about Sweat Factory CrossFit. I first started & wasn’t as dedicated as I am now. But I will say I’m forever grateful that I did take the leap of faith with starting with this box. Everyone is so welcoming & a lot of these fellow box mates are some of my greatest friends. I’ve never felt more stronger or better about myself than I do now. I’m finally at comfort with not dwelling on the past & what I’ve been through, & am able to speak out about it & not leave it bottled on the inside. I’m so grateful for the amazing souls/family that I have found in Sweat Factory.