level method

The Level Method (LM) is the first and only fitness assessment program of it’s kind!

What is level method?

It is both an assessment system, and a ranking system like martial arts belts.

But it’s also a stamp of approval, a stamp of exceptional quality. The LM will keep you safe. It will keep you excited. It takes the confusion out of everything and makes fitness fun. And when fitness is fun, you get fast results.

By using the LM we can show you exactly where you are across 15 different dimensions of fitness.

Some people, I’ll be honest, are nervous about that… about seeing where they are… but, as I always say, that’s the first step! Like finally taking stock of anything you’ve been avoiding.

The Level Method systematically progresses and ranks athletes from beginner to advanced – delivering tangible, achievable and incremental goals.

It’s a system that shows you and your coaches where you are in fitness. The simplest way is to think of martial arts – white to black belt. It gives you the knowledge, and your coaches the tools, to help you achieve your goals faster than ever before.

So I want you to make the choice. Say yes, scroll down and schedule an appointment for a No-Sweat Intro. This is a chance for us to connect for 20 minutes or so. We’ll show you around, answer your questions, and talk about your goals. There’s no pressure and no workout.


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