LORI REINHARDT – Recovering Diet Addict


Success, nutrition, and self. Hi, my name is Lori, and I’m a recovering diet addict. That line has been said in so many other situations when people struggle with so many other things. Here’s my story of working to overcome all the noise out there and finding my own healthy living.

For context, I’ve tried everything but surgical intervention. I’ve used Slim Fast, Optavia, binging and purging, starvation, Keto, Caveman, fasting, calorie restriction, a vegetarian diet, the list goes on and on. I was looking for the next quick fix, how can I lose “x” number of pounds and look like the girl next to me? Ah… problem number 2 surfaces. How do I look like that person who is deemed to have the perfect physique? But we can save that for another story.

What was problem number 1, you ask? Well, I wasn’t being honest with myself about my real relationship with food. Some may be thinking, be real Lori, how can you have a relationship with food? It is foreign to some but for others, it is a rocky relationship. For those of us who struggle with food, it’s because we use food for reasons other than nutrition. We use it to cope, celebrate, heal wounds, ignore the pain, distract… you get the idea. But, then we are stuck in the shame that comes with the food choices we have made, and the cycle begins again.

So why am I writing this? I’m sharing all of this because there is hope. Choosing to put yourself first is step number 1. Choosing to reach out for help is step number 2. Number 3, being honest about your food, like really honest… like painfully honest. That’s the only way you can start to move through the diet, noise, shame, mixture, and come out the other side with the improvement you are seeking.

When I started my nutrition coaching journey at Sweat Factory I was nervous, I didn’t want to feel the harsh judgement I expected when someone else saw what I ate. Guess what, there was no judgement! What there was, was empathy and education. Now the only way you can fight shame is with empathy. So the fact that someone is on the other end saying I’ve been there too, I understand, let’s be in this space together and I’m here to help you get out of it, is key.

Now please don’t think that Maci is going to say let’s eat chips and ice cream together… BUT she will say, I get it this is hard, thanks for being honest, you’re doing a good job… let’s try this instead. The nutrition program at Sweat Factory isn’t about telling you no, limiting your choices, adding extra math to your day, or expecting you to do it alone. The program is about teaching, setting good habits, and learning about how to make choices that stop the self-destructive behaviors that lead to shame and quitting.

Now, I have seen the physical results, and yes I get excited when I step on the scale. But this excitement is for a new reason. I’m excited to see if I’ve gained muscle mass, or lost body fat, and if a number stays the same I’m actually excited to see that number too. It’s a strange feeling, excited if a number doesn’t change?? Yup, it means I have an opportunity to learn. I have an opportunity to talk through the learning and practice my new habits again.

Long story short, take the time to reflect. Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to learn? Are you ready to take the next step toward your goal? Are you ready to put yourself first? Well… I happen to know someone who can help.

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