Mark Brooks

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Here is my 1 year journey at Sweat Factory CrossFit. My starting weight was close to 260 (maybe more I quit weighing myself). Every year was another 10-15 pounds and once I reached 40+ I just couldn’t lose weight no matter what I tried. After years (decades) of not exercising and having chronic back failure from working at Caterpillar, my weight was out of control. Doctors told me I needed surgery and my back was only good for 6-8 hours a day before I would drop to knees in excruciating pain. I just lived with the back problem as I wouldn’t let them operate, I spent most of my 30’s struggling with back pain. Now into my 40’s and the weight is really adding up plus now the doctors want me to take pills every day for High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol etc. I decided it was time to exercise.The reason I chose CrossFit was for the team environment and having a coach there everyday. I wanted something that was ready to go and all I had to do was show up. It was painful in the beginning trying to get my mobility back that hasn’t been used in years. The coaches would modify the workout for me and help me get better every day! It is an amazing experience at Sweat Factory CrossFit, everyone is so supportive and makes you feel like family. Coach Ricky gave me stretches to do at home to help with my soreness and mobility! Coach Maci was always on my butt about eating healthier! She even has me started on juicing and honestly I feel amazing! As the months went by at CrossFit I was noticing improvements and happy with my weight loss but in the back of my mind I kept thinking when is this bad back going to show up? When is the next time it goes out… To my surprise this year, in 2017 my back hasn’t gone out one time and I have had zero back pains. I feel like a brand new person! CrossFit has strengthened my core muscles and that has fixed all of my back problems (no more surgery needed). I am doing things that I haven’t done since my 20’s and I can go 14-16 hours of labor with my back no problem again. Also my blood work is normal and no pills are needed anymore.Sweat Factory CrossFit has changed my life (probably saved it). My wife and I just ordered mountain bikes and we are looking forward to exploring the Ocala National Forest now! I never thought I would be doing stuff like that!Thank you,
Mark(PS my weight is 225 now. My goal is to be under 200 with this next year!!)***UPDATE at 25 months
Sweat Factory CrossFit gave me another personal PR! After 25 months I finally get to move into LG workout shirts! Went from (tight) XXL to XL and now LG.(Had a lot of set backs – injured shoulder for 6 months, pinched nerve for 1 year… I showed up everyday and did what I could, the coaches all helped to get the most from each workout. Now that I am healthy again, I am amazed at how strong I am! The pinched nerve didn’t slow me down at all… it just messed with my mind!) Very happy I didn’t choose one of those do-it-on-your-own $25 month gym memberships because I would definitely still be in those 2 XX shirts right now!!


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