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Let’s chat about everyone’s favorite topic, food! Admittedly, I don’t always take the time to meal prep my food, weigh it, and eat it throughout the week. Sometimes fast food makes its way into the mix when mornings and evenings get busy, stress takes over, and I get bored of chicken the 5th day in a row. So you might then ask what does it take to do it, stick to it, and make it work for me?

Here are 10 tips to push yourself in the right direction:

1) Set a goal for why you want to do it. Pesky last few pounds to lose? Competition coming up? Need an energy boost or cleanse? What’s your why?

2) Talk with a professional. One of our many coaches across all 3 gyms have experience with nutrition and can help you tailor-make a nutrition plan for you. Set a time, let’s sit down, and plan our attack.

3) When you have your goals in mind and are ready to put your plan in motion, get after the essentials: kitchen scale, Tupperware, etc. No detail is too small. For example, If you’ve got no access to a microwave or fridge at work, let’s grab a cooler, ice packs, and prepare meals that can be eaten cold.

4) Know what you like but try to diversify your weekly menu. Sounds simple. But things get very boring after a few days. Mix up proteins, vegetables, and starches.

5) Hot sauce is the best guilt-free condiment (personal opinion). Most are 0 calories and make the most boring food better immediately.

6) Learn how to cook. I know that’s rather redundant but meal prep is infinitely better when you can cook really well and can make things that could be on Food Network. Make your own “food porn”. 😜

7) Share ideas with your friends. Chances are they’re bored of their lunch too. Swap ideas and see if they’ve got something new for you to try.

8) Meal prep on the same day, every week, at the same time if possible. We tend to develop new behaviors and keep them when they are consistently a part of a routine done over 3-5 weeks.

9) Meal prep your snacks too! I have an insanely large appetite and between meals is my biggest issue. But when I have a plan for it, things are way easier. Try things like fruit, nuts/seeds, protein shakes, and of course water.

10) Involve everyone in the house. Leaving your meal choices and snacks up to your significant other, kids, or roommates is likely to sabotage your plans, as they aren’t working towards YOUR goals. Invite them to be part of the process. Now let’s get started. What’s everyone making this week?

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