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So the first thing you need to ask yourself is, what makes you happy? To most of us on our health and fitness grind, happy looks like building muscle, losing weight, and performing better in the WODs. Hitting new PRs are a bonus, but so is seeing your first set of abs or dropping a pant size. At the surface level those are great, but what really makes you happy? Some people love that they have more energy at work, the ability to play with their kids/grandkids, and even the fact that they are building meaningful relationships through burpees and barbells… Happiness can be anything.

Whatever it looks like to you, Sweat Factory Crossfit is here to walk with you on this endless pursuit of Happiness.

Ella’s Story

This is why we set goals. I got the opportunity to do a goal review with Ella and John. Since Ella started 2 years ago she has lost 6.6% body fat. In those 2 years, she has had 2 pretty significant setbacks but she always keeps moving forward with a smile on her face....

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Rorie Roberts

So I started in the new you program in late October because I was just tired of being fat. I wasn't happy with who the person staring back at me in the mirror had become. I came ready to learn and very eager to get my health back (so much so Maci Lowery had to tell me...

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Kristen Spitzer

Three years ago, What people saw of me was the girl with her life pretty much together, upbeat & positivity. What people didn’t know was the reality I was living. I was in a relationship with an abuser, mentally, emotionally, manipulating & almost physical, he...

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Jesi Cartagena

Hello, my name is Jesi and I joined The Sweat Factory CrossFit on the last week of August 2017. I am not gonna lie, I was so excited but scared half to death about not being able to do much or making a fool out of myself. However, IMMEDIATELY on that first day I felt...

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Ella Fralick Combs

I wanted to share something very profound that occurred for me today. On 6/3/16 I decided to get healthy. So my goal was just to walk a lot and eat better. So I started walking every day. Before I knew it I was walking 6-7 miles a day and losing some weight. I think I...

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Melissa Scargari

My journey with SFC started a little over a year ago. I was so overweight after having my 2 kids and I had just had a consultation for gastric bypass surgery the week prior to walking into SFC. The doctor gave me all the paperwork to get the surgery...I just had to...

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Mark Brooks

Here is my 1 year journey at Sweat Factory CrossFit. My starting weight was close to 260 (maybe more I quit weighing myself). Every year was another 10-15 pounds and once I reached 40+ I just couldn’t lose weight no matter what I tried. After years (decades) of not...

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Dana Theisen

Joined 3/4/13 Little did I know back in March 2013, how Cross Fit would affect my life. My friend in South Florida has competed in the Cross Fit games multiple times and recommended it for months, but at the time there was not a convenient location for me. When I...

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