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So the first thing you need to ask yourself is, what makes you happy? To most of us on our health and fitness grind, happy looks like building muscle, losing weight, and performing better in the WODs. Hitting new PRs are a bonus, but so is seeing your first set of abs or dropping a pant size. At the surface level those are great, but what really makes you happy? Some people love that they have more energy at work, the ability to play with their kids/grandkids, and even the fact that they are building meaningful relationships through burpees and barbells… Happiness can be anything.

Whatever it looks like to you, Sweat Factory Crossfit is here to walk with you on this endless pursuit of Happiness.

Ron Schweitzer – L.I.F.E. Class

Ron just finished our Masters 28 Day Transformation Challenge. He lost 1.5% body fat Gained 2lbs of lean muscle "I'm moving so much better. I haven't had anything do this much for me in a long time."

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Micki Garza – L.I.F.E. Class

Wow oh Wow! What a story! Hey, guys this a Micki Garza. Micki used to be sedentary, had different health issues, only ate once a day and slept only 3 hours. She got to a point where she knew that needed to change so she stepped into Sweat Factory East. With the...

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Xomir Nadal

6 Week Challenge Finisher Xomir lost 12lbs and 3% Bodyfat. What did she learn: "I lost my mom and aunt to breast cancer within the last 11 months and I was very sad. I found that I need to keep myself healthy because breast cancer runs in my family. I also found the...

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Christopher Sallawich

Chris started a 6 Week Challenge last November. His results have been incredible. He has lost 44 lbs without losing any lean muscle and an incredible 21% Bodyfat. He is now at 8.5% BF and is now on a maintenance program of 80/20. You ROCK Christopher Sawallich! "I...

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Say Hello To Jennifer Delia

Say Hello To Jennifer Delia We have an amazing family. You inspire more than you know. Jennifer has one of those amazing personalities that you can't help but like. She has completely turned her life around with hard work in and out of the box. "7 months ago, I did...

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Ella’s Story

This is why we set goals. I got the opportunity to do a goal review with Ella and John. Since Ella started 2 years ago she has lost 6.6% body fat. In those 2 years, she has had 2 pretty significant setbacks but she always keeps moving forward with a smile on her face....

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Rorie Roberts

So I started in the new you program in late October because I was just tired of being fat. I wasn't happy with who the person staring back at me in the mirror had become. I came ready to learn and very eager to get my health back (so much so Maci Lowery had to tell me...

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Kristen Spitzer

Three years ago, What people saw of me was the girl with her life pretty much together, upbeat & positivity. What people didn’t know was the reality I was living. I was in a relationship with an abuser, mentally, emotionally, manipulating & almost physical, he...

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