Joined 7/15/14

I joined Sweat Factory three years ago for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to get in shape, as I ran for exercise a few days a week, but had never lifted weights consistently or followed any type of programing.  I knew that going to a traditional gym wasn’t going to last longer than a couple months and I wanted an atmosphere where I could work out with others who would push me.  Secondly was the curiosity factor…everyone that did CrossFit, loved it!

I was like anyone else that walks through the doors for the first time, a little intimidated, not quite sure what to expect and definitely overwhelmed after I watched a class go through a WOD.  All those concerns were quickly put to rest after I met Clint and Maci.  They have made the process amazing from day one.  They are both extremely supportive, offer tons of encouragement and truly care about each person that joins their box.  The gains in lifting, muscle, endurance and stamina have me in the best shape I’ve ever been in.  The journey has been fun, really fun and my achievements are in big part due to Clint and Maci.

Sweat Factory isn’t your typical gym where you show up and don’t have much direction when it comes to working out.   Each day is completely different and it’s designed to be that way.  The coaches work with you one-on one to go over proper technique and form.

The programming is designed to help you get stronger, gain muscle, and lose fat.  You don’t need to be at any particular fitness level to start, just have to want to finally enjoy working out, be ready to meet awesome people who are going to encourage you and grind through the workouts with you.  All of the workouts can be modified and for a long time, I modified each and every one of them.

Thank you Clint and Maci for loving what you do and letting me be a part of it.  Your passion for people and wanting people to get in shape and achieve their fitness goals is evident.  I look forward to setting new goals and breaking them over the next year.