If you want to get better at the snatch you have to practice it – plain and simple. While we can definitely give you some nifty tips that will help you better understand the movement, there is nothing that will replace performing technically sound reps over and over again.


Sometimes we can easily add a little bit of weight to our snatch just by becoming more confident with the movement. Snatch pulls are a great exercise to work with weights heavier than your 1RM as well as to see where you need work during your pull.


If we’re chasing the bar out in front of us it could be because we’re not sweeping the bar back into us. Once the first pull is over and we’ve passed the knee we need to actively engage our lats to sweep the bar back into our thighs and keep the weight close.


Having a slow turnover of the barbell could be happening for a few different reasons. For most people, it’s because they either have weak backs and shoulders or they’re not aggressive enough with their elbows. Snatch high-pulls are a great exercise to make sure that we’re being aggressive with our elbows and driving them high and to the outside once the bar has left our hips. From there we can begin to workout on the muscle snatch to make sure we’re getting a hard turnover of the bar.

If you want to speed up your progress. Schedule a  30 to 60 min PT session with one of our coaches.


Coach Clint



Your workout should be the best hour of your day and high fives are as good as GOLD!

Its always the same spiral, you’ll try to get motivated. Others will try to motivate you. You’ll make resolutions, buy new shoes, write goals on your fridge. You’ll commit. You’ll post memes and read magazine articles about motivation. You’ll resolve, swear and promise.

And you don’t need to do any of it.

“Exercise until you’re happy” Long-time exercisers like me already get this. Workouts aren’t work when you like them. We want this to feel like a playground for adults; When running, monkey bars and getting dirty were FUN!

The brain isn’t second to the body; the mind is primary. When your mind is busy, it’s happy. When your body is busy, it’s healthy. Why do we chase the second goal first?

Your gym should make you happy. When you like going to the gym, everything else falls into place.

When your workout feels like a game, you don’t need external motivation. You don’t need to get “fired up” to exercise. You don’t need a magical green drink to get excited.

When you work out WITH people instead of BESIDE people, you have fun together. You behave as a team. You become friends. Sometimes, it’s the most positive interaction you’ll have with another human all day.

When you’re coached, you don’t have to motivate yourself to do the hard stuff; it’s out of your hands. Follow along, do your best, high-five. That’s it.

The hard stuff–motivation, planning, sticking with it–is taken out of your hands when you focus on HAPPY. Exercise until you’re happy; that’s it.

Join the Sweat Factory family and help Clermont set the bar a little higher, by getting a lot healthier.  Get healthy and have fun with friends.

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Nutrition Tips: What Should Your Snacks Consist Of?

Nutrition Tips: What Should Your Snacks Consist Of?

What should your snacks consist of?

The most ideal snacks are balanced containing low sugar and high fiber carbohydrates, protein and healthy sources of fat. Combining all macronutrients together will help you stay full and satisfied until the next meal.

Tip: plan out your snacks for the week by pre-portioning them into little baggies

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What’s the best bar?

Many bars are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates or only high in protein. You want a bar that’s balanced with carbs, protein and fat. If a bar has sugar listed in the first 3 ingredients, put it back on the shelf.

Tip: Try The Perfect Bar Minis, RX bars or Low Sugar Kind Bars

How to plan for success?

When you know you are going to be on the road or traveling, try to bring something with you to hold you over and avoid the drive thru. Try bringing an apple with nuts or a balanced bar. Consider packing a little cooler if you know you will be in the car all day to bring your lunch and snacks with you.

Should you drink your calories?

It is much easier to drink your calories than eat them, which means the calories can add up quick! There could easily be 500-600 calories in one smoothie with all the fruit and other ingredients.  Smoothies can be quick and easy options when on-the-go, just beware of how much you are packing into that little cup!

Tip: when making a smoothie just use one serving of fruit, load up on veggies such as spinach or kale and add a little healthy fat from nut butter or avocado.

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