What Is The Secret Sauce

In Crossfit, we call it drinking the Kool-Aid. So what is “It”?What is so addictive about sweat, bumper plates, and pull up bars?


Some would argue that it is the community and it would be hard to argue with that. People say if you want to be a better person surround yourself with people who will make you better. Our box is full of positive people that won’t let you quit even when you don’t think you have one more rep in you. They see the potential in you. They believe in you. Where else in this world do you get that?


Some would say it is the workouts that are never boring. The workouts that get you ready for life. They help you move better. That helps chronic pains go away. That keeps you off medications. You get stronger and faster. You are able to keep up with your kids. On vacations, nothing is off-limit. Long hikes, mountain climbing, skiing, or whatever you desire. Generally, you have the fitness level to do anything you want like long hikes, mountain climbing, skiing, or whatever you desire.


Some would say it is the suffering. Workouts that push you past your perceived limits. Nothing strips you down to the bone more than a Crossfit workout. How do you get ready for life mentally? You do things you never thought possible. Then you do it again. You repeat positive mantras in your head to get you through the suffering and once you get comfortable being uncomfortable you help someone else. You have to suffer to learn what you’re made of. Does this translate into real life? You bet it does. The suffering is where you grow physically and mentally. There is no getting out of suffering in life. The difference is how you get through it just like a Crossfit workout.

Some would say its a combination of all three. It would be hard not to agree.

Recipe for the Secret Sauce

In my opinion here is the recipe to the Secret Sauce.

Surround yourself with people who make you better.

Build your fitness so you can do whatever you desire without being held back physically.

Suffering is not something you run from. It’s going to happen whether you want it to or not so expect it and learn to work through it.



Edited by Victoria Hattabaugh

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