Winter Melt

❄️ ☃️WINTER MELT❄️ ☃️

Let us show you how to create long-term results that last for a lifetime.

Our 6-week program “Winter Melt” will help you get rid of those extra Holiday lbs and more. And now, you will be putting yourself first. When is the last time you did that? Especially after taking care of everyone else over the Holidays. Imagine it’s 2022 and you are the best version of yourself. What are you doing? How do you feel? What’s different then from now?”

This program is tough; there’s no way around that. But one of the upsides of this hour-long, high-intensity workout is that it can burn up to 900 calories during that time. Plus, your body will continue to burn even more calories for a full 24 hours after you leave the gym. Talk about an effective workout! Put that together with a well-balanced nutrition program, menu’s, recipes and what we get is the best version of you.

You will attend 3 or more classes a week. Beginning with 5 private sessions at the start of your challenge. Class times to choose from are – Tuesday and Thursday at 6 am or 6 pm during the first two & 1/2 weeks of the challenge. You will also attend Unlimited group classes during the 6 weeks. You choose the day & time to attend for those

Build a Leaner, Happier, Healthier you TODAY!