Mark Brooks

Mark Brooks

Here is my 1 year journey at Sweat Factory CrossFit. My starting weight was close to 260 (maybe more I quit weighing myself). Every year was another 10-15 pounds and once I reached 40+ I just couldn’t lose weight no matter what I tried. After years (decades) of not exercising and having chronic back failure from working at Caterpillar, my weight was out of control. Doctors told me I needed surgery and my back was only good for 6-8 hours a day before I would drop to knees in excruciating pain. I just lived with the back problem as I wouldn’t let them operate, I spent most of my 30’s struggling with back pain. Now into my 40’s and the weight is really adding up plus now the doctors want me to take pills every day for High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol etc. I decided it was time to exercise.The reason I chose CrossFit was for the team environment and having a coach there everyday. I wanted something that was ready to go and all I had to do was show up. It was painful in the beginning trying to get my mobility back that hasn’t been used in years. The coaches would modify the workout for me and help me get better every day! It is an amazing experience at Sweat Factory CrossFit, everyone is so supportive and makes you feel like family. Coach Ricky gave me stretches to do at home to help with my soreness and mobility! Coach Maci was always on my butt about eating healthier! She even has me started on juicing and honestly I feel amazing! As the months went by at CrossFit I was noticing improvements and happy with my weight loss but in the back of my mind I kept thinking when is this bad back going to show up? When is the next time it goes out… To my surprise this year, in 2017 my back hasn’t gone out one time and I have had zero back pains. I feel like a brand new person! CrossFit has strengthened my core muscles and that has fixed all of my back problems (no more surgery needed). I am doing things that I haven’t done since my 20’s and I can go 14-16 hours of labor with my back no problem again. Also my blood work is normal and no pills are needed anymore.Sweat Factory CrossFit has changed my life (probably saved it). My wife and I just ordered mountain bikes and we are looking forward to exploring the Ocala National Forest now! I never thought I would be doing stuff like that!Thank you,
Mark(PS my weight is 225 now. My goal is to be under 200 with this next year!!)***UPDATE at 25 months
Sweat Factory CrossFit gave me another personal PR! After 25 months I finally get to move into LG workout shirts! Went from (tight) XXL to XL and now LG.(Had a lot of set backs – injured shoulder for 6 months, pinched nerve for 1 year… I showed up everyday and did what I could, the coaches all helped to get the most from each workout. Now that I am healthy again, I am amazed at how strong I am! The pinched nerve didn’t slow me down at all… it just messed with my mind!) Very happy I didn’t choose one of those do-it-on-your-own $25 month gym memberships because I would definitely still be in those 2 XX shirts right now!!
Dana Theisen

Dana Theisen

Joined 3/4/13

Little did I know back in March 2013, how Cross Fit would affect my life. My friend in South Florida has competed in the Cross Fit games multiple times and recommended it for months, but at the time there was not a convenient location for me. When I heard the news of the Sweat Factory opening, I decided to finally take the plunge. My history consists of a never-ending battle with weight, like many other people. I had been successful with weight loss after my last child 6 years ago, dropping 50 lbs, utilizing pure lifestyle changes. However, 40 brought more than just a few wrinkles…more of a slow and steady weight gain, despite watching calories and regular running.

I knew I needed a change in order to get back on track for what I had worked so hard 6 years ago. I was a little intimidated on that first day at the Sweat Factory, particularly because I had never been a “wei

ght lifter”. That intimidation quickly dissipated after I met so many amazing people within the first few weeks. This was different than any other gym to which I had ever been. This was a place for every one…of all ages, all shapes, all sizes, regardless of their fitness history. I was amazed as the weeks went by, not only how encouraging the coaches were, but also how encouraging my fellow trainees were! The gyms I had been to have always been filled with “quiet” people who would “look” at everyone but never offered to help let alone motivate or encourage.

So, I was amazed with the people, but what about the results? Well, I’m happy to say at 41 years old and after 6 months of Cross Fit, I am in the best shape that I have ever been in. I never realized the actual results until Clint started showing me pictures of myself performing “under the fence” push ups and head stand push ups. I also decided to do a nutritional cleanse in addition to my Cross Fit routine to take my fitness and health to the next step, tracking pictures of myself along the way. It was at the 60-day mark, I realized how powerful those pictures were. Just recently did I actually gain the confidence to share my before and after photos with more people. The Sweat Factory is a great place to work out, but more importantly, it’s a great place to find out how strong you REALLY are.

When you think you can’t do that last push up, pull-up, or the dreaded burpee, you find the strength to do it because of the encouragement of the entire CF team. Clint and Maci along with all of the other coaches, have inspired me to do better and be better every single day. My Cross Fit workouts don’t end at “the box”, but continue even when I am at home or traveling, because of the encouragement I receive there. This is not just a gym, but a family…one that has encouraged and convinced me that I have what it takes to conquer the “I’m not strong enough” fears about taking my fitness and health to the next level. Thank you, Maci and Clint, & all my CF peeps!

Ryan Pawless

Ryan Pawless

Joined 7/15/14

I joined Sweat Factory three years ago for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to get in shape, as I ran for exercise a few days a week, but had never lifted weights consistently or followed any type of programing.  I knew that going to a traditional gym wasn’t going to last longer than a couple months and I wanted an atmosphere where I could work out with others who would push me.  Secondly was the curiosity factor…everyone that did CrossFit, loved it!

I was like anyone else that walks through the doors for the first time, a little intimidated, not quite sure what to expect and definitely overwhelmed after I watched a class go through a WOD.  All those concerns were quickly put to rest after I met Clint and Maci.  They have made the process amazing from day one.  They are both extremely supportive, offer tons of encouragement and truly care about each person that joins their box.  The gains in lifting, muscle, endurance and stamina have me in the best shape I’ve ever been in.  The journey has been fun, really fun and my achievements are in big part due to Clint and Maci.

Sweat Factory isn’t your typical gym where you show up and don’t have much direction when it comes to working out.   Each day is completely different and it’s designed to be that way.  The coaches work with you one-on one to go over proper technique and form.

The programming is designed to help you get stronger, gain muscle, and lose fat.  You don’t need to be at any particular fitness level to start, just have to want to finally enjoy working out, be ready to meet awesome people who are going to encourage you and grind through the workouts with you.  All of the workouts can be modified and for a long time, I modified each and every one of them.

Thank you Clint and Maci for loving what you do and letting me be a part of it.  Your passion for people and wanting people to get in shape and achieve their fitness goals is evident.  I look forward to setting new goals and breaking them over the next year.

Tracy Maynord-Harris

Tracy Maynord-Harris

Joined 5/01/16

I was always thin, without dieting, without exercise and ate what I wanted…then I turned 32 and EVERYTHING changed. I gained weight and I thought well that’s it, I am just going to be fat. But then when I was 38 a friend challenged me to join her in a diet plan. So, I committed and lost the weight. I wasn’t working out…but I was thinner and for the most part liked what I saw in the mirror. But it turned out it was harder to maintain that weight loss than I thought without any sort of fitness component.

So, as I moved into my mid 40’s I slowly put the weight back on and by March 2016 I was at my heaviest ever, 205lbs. (The “Before” picture) May 2016, I was talked into SFC New You. My fiancé talked me into joining the class at SFC…I did NOT want to do it but she and Clint had known each other since college and she really wanted to try so I took a deep breath and thought “anyone can do anything for six weeks…right?” ..I fell in love with the program and tried out the Paleo diet plan…I lost 10 lbs and felt fabulous. I kept working out three times a week and decided strict paleo wasn’t for me and tried the diet plan my friend had talked me into so many years ago…my body didn’t react the same…. another three lbs lost…but that was it. I am older now…metabolism had changed. Now what? I was stronger and felt great about that…I had never worked out more than three days a week EVER in my life…but now I was working out five days a week and loving it more every time I came to the box….CrossFit was changing my life!

I felt so much healthier but, why couldn’t I slim down? I will tell you why: I wasn’t eating for what my body needed to perform…I didn’t have a good balance of Carbs/Protein/Fat. Enter the Nutrition Challenge, Maci and Clint made a commitment to their members if we committed to the six-week meals and exercise they would provide us extra coaching tips and encouragement…for the SECOND time SFC changed my life. The plan was perfect for me, I had energy, I wasn’t hungry and best of all I lost another 20 pounds! I still have a few more pounds to reach my ultimate goal. But what I know now is I CAN DO IT! With SFC behind me, supporting me, always challenging me to be better tomorrow than I am today, I know without a doubt I will reach my current goal by the time I turn 50 in February 2018.