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Numbers – 🙂 or 🤮

Let’s talk numbers! Whether you love them or loathe them, you can’t avoid numbers in life. Think about all the places they come up: speed limits, prices, phone numbers, bank accounts, appointment times and so on. (We won’t even talk about doing taxes!) Numbers are

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5 Tips for Better Arms

“How do I get better arms?” We get this question all the time. Sometimes it’s from people who are looking to build muscle in their biceps and triceps. Other times, people are looking to achieve better tone. We’ll answer the question for both crowds. Here

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N.E.A.T. – Reach your weight loss goals faster

With warmer weather, you have a “NEAT” chance to make even more progress toward your goals. In the fitness world, NEAT is an acronym for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Simply: This is the energy you burn when you aren’t sleeping, eating or exercising. Think of it

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School is back, and so is band, football, gymnastics, CrossFit, soccer … practice! If you are like most moms you are getting pulled in a thousand different directions. Here 5 ways to keep your nutrition on track. The best part: These tips save time and

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Building Strength After 40: Yes, You Can!

Can you build strength after 40? Absolutely! Many people think that we get weaker as we get older. And it’s true that we’ll all experience some physical decline as we age.  But it’s a fact that strength can be improved at any age, and older

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When Was The Last Time You PR’D Your Form

Hello athletes, what I would like to discuss with you today is the process of becoming an athlete and maturing as an athlete. I know when I first started Crossfit I wanted to get PR’s all the time. I wanted to get that new movement

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How to find your gym family

Family You Choose We call it the #familyyouchoose It’s been said that you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Seth Godin says, “One of the most powerful of our survival mechanisms is to be part of a tribe,

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How to be #1

Josie has two kids, a spouse, and a full time job. She feels like she can barely go to the bathroom alone.  Joe is a lawyer. He works long hours, sometimes weekends, and likes to spend time with family.  Sam has elderly parents that require

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I Was Scared When I Started Doing Crossfit – Quentin Demmon

I was scared when I started doing CrossFit, that’s understandable, I was 40 years old and had just watched a bunch of YouTube videos showing people throwing bars around, climbing ropes and flipping tires. I moved into a new area and knew that fitness was

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Meal Prep

Let’s chat about everyone’s favorite topic, food! Admittedly, I don’t always take the time to meal prep my food, weigh it, and eat it throughout the week. Sometimes fast food makes its way into the mix when mornings and evenings get busy, stress takes over,

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