When Was The Last Time You PR’D Your Form

Hello athletes, what I would like to discuss with you today is the process of becoming an athlete and maturing as an athlete. I know when I first started Crossfit I wanted to get PR’s all the time. I wanted to get that new movement down that I didn’t have, and they are very good goals to have. Though what I started to learn is you can’t let the chase overcome you. Getting a new PR is good and it feels great, but let’s look at the word PR. If we look at the meaning behind it, it is a personal record. There are many different types of PR’s, coming to the gym, eating healthy, finishing a workout, getting a new movement or weight.

The main one to focus on is form, a lot of people don’t think as form as a PR because it is hard to measure. Everything in the gym has a form to it and some of those take a long time to master. For instance, lifting weights in Olympic movements we want to push the weight as quickly as we can, and we can make it decently far with just minor work and feel satisfied getting the PR. Though if we focus on making our form solid as we can with an empty bar or even say PVC pipe we will make it much further.

Focusing on form all the time at all weights will keep us safe and will eventually unlock a much stronger potential. If you think about the deadlift workout 21.5 we did, there were a lot of people that had very sore backs. The reason for the soreness is a loss in a form that affects you for days.

Just remember even the world’s best lifters and strongest athletes and best gymnast all still work on form, even at the level they are at.

Coach Kevin Miller

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