Members Stories – Letícia Mazzeo

Getting to know our Sweat Factory family.


Michael Mazzeo and Letícia Mazzeo started at our box in Clermont a few months ago. This beautiful couple almost always works out together. The progress they have made is incredible. They both have awesome stories.

Here is Leticia’s Story

When we (Mike and I) decided to try CrossFit for the first time, we went to a couple of different gyms to get information but the only place we both loved right away was the Sweat Factory. The coach (Kevin) was so nice and answered all our questions. We felt comfortable and welcomed. We came back the next day to try a class, and not only the coach but all the members made the whole experience a great one. We signed up the next day.

It is totally worth it. There are so many classes available, a lot of equipment, and the coaches are very knowledgeable, always looking out for our safety and going over the proper techniques. You get a lot of value for your money.

I now can do things I never imagined possible before. I can climb a rope!!!

I’m getting faster and stronger everyday, and I love how it feels.I lived in Brazil, England, and Japan but my favorite gym in the world is SFC. It’s the only gym that feels like home.”

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