This is why we set goals. I got the opportunity to do a goal review with Ella and John. Since Ella started 2 years ago she has lost 6.6% body fat. In those 2 years, she has had 2 pretty significant setbacks but she always keeps moving forward with a smile on her face. I always tell her she is one of the toughest people I know.
Beast Mode is not someone who can lift a lot of weights. It is someone who continually pushes through even when it’s not exciting or fun. Sometimes you’re just doing the work that your body will allow. At one point Ella was only able to walk for her workouts so she started doing 5 mile walks with a positive attitude and her awesome husband beside her. That’s Beast Mode!

“Hey Maci. I don’t know if Clint shared with you the results from my scan on Saturday. My lean muscle went up 1.8% since my last scan on 2/19/19. I did what you advised and upped my protein and have been drinking the shakes after each workout. Thank you! This is my 2 year anniversary post New You. This a pic of the first of New You and the 2nd during the SFCOpen19; wow. What a difference right. The people, and that photo is why I Love SFC and will continue to go even through my sternum issues.

Honestly before I started CF, I would never have considered myself as tough. I do now. I have learned a lot about myself, as well as getting stronger than I have ever been. Bonus; I got my sister in law and husband going, and Amanda (daughter) just told me she signed up online to restart coming tonight.😁