“You know that picture of yourself you keep in your mind? 🤳 The one that no matter how you change mentally or physically, you still draw upon as your inner reflection of yourself? I’ve got that picture, too. I’ve got my “me”. 🦸‍♀️

The girl on the left is that “me” (minus the Henna tattoo which did NOT impress my dad for that moment he thought it was real!). Happy, strong, capable athletic – undefeated HS weightlifter, playing just about every sport 🏋️‍♀️⚽️⚾️🎳🏆, not even phasing my mom when she picked me up from school where she discovered me pole vaulting. My athleticism was so compounded with my self-identity – and I LOVED it that way.

Somewhere along the way, I developed compressed disks in my lumbar spine☠️ and the spinal specialist told me that I’d need to avoid running and lifting ANY weights (even groceries, etc). I was told that I’d NEED surgery if more compression developed. I begrudgingly obliged, resulting in a path that led me to my heaviest weight. I was then in even more pain with no sense of direction, not until, in a random string of events, I won a free YEAR of CrossFit. Simply put, that changed everything!

I started off SO carefully. My burpees were like air squats that carefully flowed into push-ups at the speed of watched water boiling. It was a bit ridiculous, but it all culminated in my restoration of “self”. Four years later, I’m strong, I’m pain-free, I’ve met SO many incredible people AND I feel amazing! Sometimes I’m reminded of my limitations (oh, yeah, GHD, I’m talking about you!), but when I dial in my nutrition, at least I FEEL flawless.”