Joined 5/01/16

I was always thin, without dieting, without exercise and ate what I wanted…then I turned 32 and EVERYTHING changed. I gained weight and I thought well that’s it, I am just going to be fat. But then when I was 38 a friend challenged me to join her in a diet plan. So, I committed and lost the weight. I wasn’t working out…but I was thinner and for the most part liked what I saw in the mirror. But it turned out it was harder to maintain that weight loss than I thought without any sort of fitness component.

So, as I moved into my mid 40’s I slowly put the weight back on and by March 2016 I was at my heaviest ever, 205lbs. (The “Before” picture) May 2016, I was talked into SFC New You. My fiancé talked me into joining the class at SFC…I did NOT want to do it but she and Clint had known each other since college and she really wanted to try so I took a deep breath and thought “anyone can do anything for six weeks…right?” ..I fell in love with the program and tried out the Paleo diet plan…I lost 10 lbs and felt fabulous. I kept working out three times a week and decided strict paleo wasn’t for me and tried the diet plan my friend had talked me into so many years ago…my body didn’t react the same…. another three lbs lost…but that was it. I am older now…metabolism had changed. Now what? I was stronger and felt great about that…I had never worked out more than three days a week EVER in my life…but now I was working out five days a week and loving it more every time I came to the box….CrossFit was changing my life!

I felt so much healthier but, why couldn’t I slim down? I will tell you why: I wasn’t eating for what my body needed to perform…I didn’t have a good balance of Carbs/Protein/Fat. Enter the Nutrition Challenge, Maci and Clint made a commitment to their members if we committed to the six-week meals and exercise they would provide us extra coaching tips and encouragement…for the SECOND time SFC changed my life. The plan was perfect for me, I had energy, I wasn’t hungry and best of all I lost another 20 pounds! I still have a few more pounds to reach my ultimate goal. But what I know now is I CAN DO IT! With SFC behind me, supporting me, always challenging me to be better tomorrow than I am today, I know without a doubt I will reach my current goal by the time I turn 50 in February 2018.